Headbangers Book Club: Morris Day’s On Time (Part 1)

It’s a special #jhericurljune installment of the ol’ Book Club as we dig into 2019’s On Time: A Princely Life in Funk by Morris Day with David Ritz–so, slightly less headbanging than normal, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of the important stuff (i.e., cocaine). We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with Part 2, at which point we’ll also announce our official HBC selection for July. Remember, don’t let us Meat Loaf!

00:01:48 Our Rick James podcast

00:02:02 Our George Clinton podcast

00:03:41 Zach’s Prince Blog

00:06:51 Big Chick’s unfortunately titled book, which we’ll probably read at some point

00:09:38 Wally Safford’s book, which we’re less likely to read

00:09:50 Alexander O’Neal’s book, which we’ll probably read next June

00:11:24 If you haven’t heard our spiel yet, we explain Jheri Curl June in this podcast

00:16:15 Our Marc Bolan podcast

00:16:37 Our Led Zeppelin podcast

00:17:05 Our David Lee Roth podcast

00:17:10 Our Meat Loaf podcast

00:27:52 “Wild and Loose” by the Time (from What Time is It?, 1982)

00:38:08 Mayte’s book, which we almost definitely won’t be reading

00:47:22 Brown Mark’s book, which we might read at some point?

00:56:44 Apparently Morris was too busy doing whatever this is to record his own audio book


00:57:55 Our Sebastian Bach podcast where we discuss his audio book

00:58:50 Everybody order a custom video greeting of Morris Day reading a few sentences of his book so we can put together our own audio book

01:01:36 “Cloreen Bacon Skin” by Prince featuring Morris Day (from Crystal Ball, 1998)

01:06:56 We can thank Morris for this video (among others)

01:28:17 “Girl” by the Time (from The Time, 1981)

01:36:37 The Time tell the story of the “titty lamp” on Tales from the Tour Bus

01:41:15 “The Bird” by the Time (from Ice Cream Castle, 1984)

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