Headbangers Book Club: Sebastian Bach’s 18 and Life on Skid Row (Part 2)

Hey mothertruckers, we’re Bach in the saddle with Part 2 of our series on Sebastian Bach‘s 18 and Life on Skid Row! This book really picked up in the second half, so please excuse the slightly flabby runtime; there’s just too many good stories for us not to discuss them. Join us again in two weeks when we discuss the first half of the late Meat Loaf‘s To Hell and Back! Rock it up!

00:01:07 Part 1 of Our Sebastian Bachcast

00:01:13 Our Led Zeppelin Episode

00:03:45 Here’s Hum0ng0us’ Webcomic

00:05:31 Here’s Sebastian in Trailer Park Boys

00:32:27 This altercation between Vince Neil and Nicolas Cage isn’t in the book, but it might as well be

00:32:59 Never forget the original “slap heard round the world,” Vince Neil punching Izzy Stradlin at the 1989 VMAs

00:34:59 “Piece of Me” by Skid Row (from Skid Row, 1989)

00:40:55 Joey Kramer’s 2020 tussle with Aerosmith

01:02:47 The “Kiddie Metal” sketch from Sebastian’s 1991 Saturday Night Live appearance

01:17:32 Sebastian (top) and David Hasselhoff (bottom) performs “Confrontation” from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Broadway

01:20:39 Remember to call Mark McGrath “Sugar Gay” if you ever run into him

01:26:13 Sebastian as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show

01:31:27 Just one of many puzzling examples of Ted Nugent self-identifying with the N-word






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