About Us

Dystopian Dance Party was founded in 2014 by brother and sister Zach and Callie in order to indulge our mutual interests in 1980s R&B music, radio rap, bad movies, and blathering about our opinions. It’s a space where we write/talk about whatever we want, however obscure or pointless, with little to no regard for a potential audience.

Because we’re not catering to any particular audience or niche, it’s difficult to determine whether Dystopian Dance Party might be right for you. But you’ll probably find something to like about us if you’re into any of the following: jheri curls, neon signs, old synthesizers, red patent leather furniture, pixel art, blacklight posters, high-top fades, Rust Belt urban decay, thin moustaches, thick moustaches, trashy comic books, and songs about butts.

For more of Zach’s writing, visit our sister site: Dance / Music / Sex / Romance, a chronological exploration of the music of Prince.

For Callie’s visual art, visit her online portfolio.

Praise for Dystopian Dance Party

“You guys are the shitz! 2 turds in a punch bowl!!”

Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia)

“I get it now. Zach and Kallie [sic] must be fat.”

Academy Award-winning Actor/Director Clint Eastwood

“They are both closet homos.”

Harry Balls