Headbangers Book Club: Meat Loaf’s To Hell and Back

Turns out Meat Loaf needed a little extra time in the oven, but we’re finally back to discuss the late vocal powerhouse’s 2000 memoir To Hell and Back. Join us as we ponder Meat’s many concussions, his suitably operatic relationship with the also-recently-departed Jim Steinman, and how he’s easily in the top five of anti-maskers we would have been okay catching COVID from. We’ll be back around the middle of next month for a special Jheri Curl June miniseries on Morris Day‘s On Time: A Princely Life in Funk!

00:02:13 Our Sebastian Bach podcasts (Parts 1 and 2)

00:02:43 The Urbz: What Callie did instead of read the book last month

00:05:56 Our Rick James podcast

00:10:49 Here’s what those clowns look like

00:11:40 Here’s that video of Gene Simmons falling onstage if you need a pick-me-up

00:12:08 Share in our trauma over witnessing Gene Simmons deep-throating a microphone

00:15:50 How we imagine David Lee Roth’s life

00:16:59 “Bat Out of Hell” by Meat Loaf (from Bat Out of Hell, 1977)

00:28:39 The Fight Club line Zach couldn’t remember because he’s not a real millennial

00:29:38 Now this is a Meat Loaf film performance

00:36:37 Sebastian Bach on Amoeba Music’s “What’s in My Bag?”

00:44:47 Meat Loaf does his thing all over “Hammerdown” by Ted Nugent (from Free-for-All, 1976)

00:51:10 For the record, Meat Loaf never was on Celebrity Ghost Stories; he was, however, on its spiritual successor, The Haunting Of (talking about a completely different ghost story!)

00:51:14 Bonus: here’s Sammy Hagar on Celebrity Ghost Stories

01:00:42 (Actually, Zach has listened to Bad for Good, but his description was still accurate)

01:01:02 Here’s the song Jim Steinman did with Sisters of Mercy

01:02:10 We haven’t recorded an episode about it (yet), but yes, Alexander O’Neal did write a book

01:03:11 We’re obligated to post the infamous Celebrity Apprentice clip

01:07:22 Zach’s review of Bat Out of Hell II and Welcome to the Neighborhood

01:11:13 The only other source we could find of Meat Loaf being described as a “Sex God”

01:14:38 “Burning Down” from the secret best Meat Loaf album (Blind Before I Stop, 1986)

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