Podcast: Jheri Curl June 2K18

This year marks our fifth annual Jheri Curl June, and we’re going to make it a thing or die trying. Join us as we define the Jheri Curl Music genre and share our picks for the most essential tracks; then, starting Monday, we’ll formally kick off the month-long celebration of wet, silky ’80s R&B. Oh, and listen all the way to the end, because we also announce the winners of our two free copies of Dystopian Dance Party Issue 1!

00:00:00   “Soul Glo” Commercial from Coming to America (John Landis, 1987)

00:06:40   Our Podcast with Erika Peterson

00:07:33   Beyond Yacht Rock, a Podcast We Promise We Didn’t Try to Rip Off

00:08:32   Did Zach Mention His Prince Blog?

00:09:59   Proto-Jheri: “(Not Just) Knee Deep” by Funkadelic featuring Junie Morrison (from Uncle Jam Wants You, 1979)

00:15:59   Our Jheri Curl June Write-Up on Prince

00:16:01   Our Jheri Curl June Write-Up on Jesse Johnson

00:16:06   Our Jheri Curl June Write-Up on Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

00:16:15   Our Jheri Curl June Write-Up on What’s His Name, L.A. Reid

00:19:31   “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart (from Frantic Romantic, 1986)

00:23:12   “Oh Sheila” by Ready for the World (from Ready for the World, 1985)

00:27:22   “Freak-a-Holic” by the Egyptian Lover (from One Track Mind, 1986)

00:31:56   The Egyptian Lover’s Instagram

00:34:31   The Scene is What Jheri Curl Music Looks Like

00:35:17    “Juicy Fruit” by Mtume (from Juicy Fruit, 1983)

00:42:53    “Heartbreaker (Parts I & II)” by Zapp (from Zapp III, 1983)

00:46:42   A Selection of Jheri Curl June Trailers

00:49:03   “Keep On Lovin’ Me” by the Whispers (from Love for Love, 1983)

00:52:06   Callie’s Jheri Curl June Post on “Rock Steady”

00:55:38   “Jungle Love” by the Time (from Ice Cream Castle, 1984)

00:56:33   The Time, Prince’s R&B Doppelgangers

00:57:33   A Member of the Time Who Definitely Had a Jheri Curl

01:01:40   The Jesse Johnson Band Helpfully Models a Range of Jheri Curl Styles

© A&M Records

01:01:44   Callie’s Jheri Curl June Post on “Be Your Man”

01:02:29   “Cold Blooded” by Rick James (from Cold Blooded, 1983)

01:06:41   How Could We Have Forgotten Rick James’ Jheri Curl?

© Warner Bros.

01:06:54 Rick’s Rowlf the Dog Period

© Gordy Records

01:08:22 Our Los Angeles Vlog, including the Wet Style Wig

01:09:05   “Material Thangz” by the Deele (from Material Thangz, 1985)

01:09:38   Another Landmark Jheri Curl Album Cover

Singer “Dee” points to LA Reid, who looks like he doesn’t really know what to do with his arms; © SOLAR Records.

01:12:50   A Sneak Peek at One of Zach’s Jheri Curl June Artists for 2018

01:16:12   Zach’s Jheri Curl June Post on “I Wanna Be Rich” by Calloway

01:16:51   “Midas Touch” by Midnight Star (from Headlines, 1986)

01:18:24   Midnight Star’s Own Jheri Curl Lookbook

© SOLAR Records

01:19:27   Zach’s Jheri Curl June Post on “Jerk Out” by the Time

01:21:38   “Don’t Fight the Feeling” by One Way (from Wild Night, 1982)

01:23:13   Too $hort’s Sample of “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” 1988

01:23:21   DJ Quik’s Sample of “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” 1995

01:27:08   Buy Our Magazine, for Christ’s Sake

01:31:06   “Leave My Curl Alone” by Hi-C (from Skanless, 1991)


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