The Prince Issue Podcast with Guest Erika Peterson

As you may have heard, we recently launched a physical magazine, the first issue of which is dedicated to eclectic art and writing inspired by the music of Prince. So, to celebrate a successful launch–and to get us back in podcasting mode after an unplanned six-month leave of absence–we invited Erika Peterson, a friend and contributor to the magazine, to talk about her work and the most funny/surreal moments of Celebration 2018 at Paisley Park. We also talk about Dystopian Dance Party’s ongoing beef with Questlove, and do our best to try and beat him at his own game of guessing Prince songs from their opening seconds. It doesn’t go well.

00:00:00   “Mr. Happy” by O(+> (from Emancipation, 1996)

00:03:48   Prince’s Lesser-Known Film Project, 2 Chainz O’ Gold

00:08:24   A Representative GIF from the “Eye Wanna Melt with U” Video, Courtesy of Erika

00:09:09   Prince Demonstrates Roller Skate Safety in the “Gangster Glam” Video, 1991

00:10:21   Erika’s Breakdown of the Lovesexy Tour Video

00:14:43   “New Power Generation” by Prince (from Graffiti Bridge, 1990)

00:17:34   Zach’s Other, More Reverent Prince Podcast

00:32:52   Don’t Be Jealous that We Saw the Symbol from the “Hot Wit U” Video in Person

00:33:28   The Mirror Heart from the Sign “O” the Times Movie, 1987

00:36:15   “Partyman” by Prince (from Batman, 1989)

00:40:24   Pumpin’ the Big Moment of Silence Noise with “New Power Generation”

00:43:52   “Hide the Bone” by O(+> (from Crystal Ball, 1998)

00:51:47   Wax PoeticsExcellent Prince Issue

01:00:09   “Wally” by Prince (1986 Recording)

01:03:14   Sheila E Performs “A Love Bizarre” with Prince (and Wally), 1986

01:03:57   A Representative Sample of Wally Dancing in the “Mountains” Video (1986)

01:09:04   Dystopian Dance Party at Paisley Park!


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01:09:33   “White Mansion” (from Emancipation)

01:10:40   Jimmy Fallon Quizzes Questlove on The Tonight Show

01:11:32 Sure, Questlove, This JUNE 2016 DJ Set of “Activator Funk” was a Total Coincidence 9_9

01:12:09   You’re Next, Chromeo

01:23:31 Callie’s Live Tweet of Rave Un2 the Year 2000

01:36:22   “The P” by Prince featuring Tevin Campbell (1992 Recording)

01:44:32   Prince by Richard Avedon, 1983

01:44:48   Check Out 9T99

01:45:19   Our Favorite Spiritual Medium, Lisa Wechtenhiser

01:47:11   We Love Detroit Threads

01:49:28  Erika’s Tumblr

01:49:38   Erika’s Instagram

01:52:45   The Beyond Yacht Rock Podcast

01:53:18   Our Rick James Dystopian Book Club Podcast

01:54:25   Our Most Dubious Achievement?

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01:56:51   Callie’s Instagram

01:57:47   “Hot Wit U (Nasty Girl Mix)” by O(+> featuring Eve (from Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic, 2001)






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