Year of the Weasel Episode 4.5: Is Pauly Shore Okay?

As we prepare for our grim tour of duty with In the Army Now, here’s a minisode where we dig a little more into Totally Pauly‘s chaotic live spring break incarnation, “Chillin’ with the Wiez.” We also catch up on some of the more recent happenings in the Paulyverse, leading to the introduction of a new segment where we ask the titular question (answer still inconclusive).

YouTube version below:

00:01:20 Our last episode on Son in Law

00:07:48 Our last update on current Pauly events

00:09:09 “Pauly Shore says he was ‘up all night crying’ after Richard Simmons’ blasted his biopic casting” by Gina Vivinetto and Diana Dasrath, Today, updated April 27, 2024

00:10:51 Pauly’s Instagram post re: the Richard Simmons kerfuffle

00:15:06 Pauly “proposing” to Drew Barrymore on her show late last year

00:15:20 “Pauly Shore doubles down on Drew Barrymore marriage proposal: ‘I’m in love with Drew’” by Emlyn Travis, Entertainment Weekly, January 17, 2024

00:18:19 Danny Brown‘s bizarre appearance on the Jam in the Van podcast

00:19:37 Our previous minisode

00:19:47 Pauly’s awkward 1992 set on Arsenio

00:23:16 Spring Break 1992 on Chillin’ with the Wiez

00:27:57 A few of Lenny Kravitz’s recent unhinged social media posts

00:31:30 Totally Different Pauly Episode 332: “Day 1 Totally Pauly’s Brother”

00:32:32 “Pauly Shore sues brother over control of Comedy Store” by Matt Belloni, The Hollywood Reporter, December 7, 2009

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