Year of the Weasel Episode 4: Son in Law (1993)

Our year-long deep dive into the filmography of Pauly Shore continues with 1993’s Son in Law: a heartwarming culture clash romantic comedy about how you shouldn’t call members of the white rural working class inbreeders, even after they roofie you and leave you in a compromising position to destroy your sham engagement. Whoops, spoilers!

Video version is below:

00:00:00 Trailer for Son in Law (Steve Rash, 1993)

00:03:03 “A look inside Hollywood and the movies: TOTALLY TINSELTOWN: The War Over Pauly Shore’s Next Movie or Why Hollywood is Sooooo Much Fun” by Jeffrey Wells, Los Angeles Times, September 20, 1992

00:05:37 Trailer for Problem Child (Dennis Dugan, 1990)

00:08:09 Pauly Shore talks about the Totally London fiasco on the Joe Rogan Experience

00:11:42 “Pop Culture News Flashes: Marrying Man” by Stephen Schaefer, Entertainment Weekly, July 30, 1993

00:13:00 Son in Law on Rotten Tomatoes

00:14:52 “MOVIE REVIEW: A Silly Mix of Bad Ideas in ‘Son-in-Law’” by Michael Wilmington, Los Angeles Times, July 2, 1993

00:23:37 Son in Law movie poster

© Hollywood Pictures

00:24:31 The Mighty Ducks (Stephen Herek, 1992)

00:24:43 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (John Hughes, 1986)

00:35:17 Another podcast where we talk about an annoying guy who yells “Hello!” a lot

00:48:47 Pauly Ass Shot Count: 3

01:11:17 Son in Law (Steve Rash, 1993)

01:15:41 Another podcast where we talk about a man dressed as Carmen Miranda

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