Year of the Weasel Episode 3.5: Encino Man Ephemera

Can you believe it’s been two full months and we still haven’t dropped the biweekly schedule? Looks like it’s high time to rest on our laurels for a bit. In this “mini”-episode (that is basically the exact same length as a regular episode), we answer listener correspondence, make some corrections, read some relevant passages of Vince Neil‘s section of The Dirt (see, now we have your attention!), and finally get our hands on a (digital) copy of Stoney’s Encino High Journal. Join us again in two weeks as we go deep on 1993’s Son in Law!

Video version below:

00:01:35 If you got here by accident and are confused, go back and listen to Episode 1

00:06:51 The episode where we talked about the 1993 Spring Break special and also asked for your Pauly Shore sexual encounter stories

00:13:51 For the one person who asked, here are Callie’s 1985 Mötley Crüe makeup tutorials (plus bonus Stephen Pearcy from Ratt)

00:16:52 The “final” episode of Totally Pauly

00:18:16 The first episode of Totally Different Pauly

00:27:57 Pauly and Corey Feldman dance on Jam in the Van

00:35:32 Our Book Club episode on The Dirt

00:36:00 Pauly with Shannon Wilsey, circa 1993

00:43:19 Stoney’s Encino High Notebook on the Internet Archive

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