Year of the Weasel Episode 2: Peak Weasel

When we last left our hero, it was 1989 and the world was teetering on the brink of full-blown Weaselmania; now, we’re picking up for a deep dive into the peak of Pauly Shore‘s pre-movie fame, including his MTV show Totally (Different) Pauly, his two (!) imperial-era standup comedy albums, and his 1992 victory-lap HBO special Pauly Does Dallas. Next time, we’ll finally talk about Encino Man! Sound good, buuu-ddies? Cool.

Video version (with much better audio syncing than last time) below:

00:00:00 Pauly’s Totally Buff Special

00:02:30 A representative example of the Totally Different Pauly opening

00:07:03 Richard Simmons’ Facebook statement about The Court Jester

00:07:37 The Court Jester (Jake Lewis, 2024)

00:08:13 Totally (Different) Pauly Episode 473: “Day 1 L.A. School of Gymnastics”

00:09:18 “Pauly Shore sued by man for alleged battery and assault at The Comedy Store club” by Edward Segarra, USA TODAY, January 28, 2024

00:10:58 “Lisa, Lisa (The One I Adore)” Official Music Video by Pauly Shore

00:13:25 We promise “12 Months of Mike” wasn’t that bad

00:16:46 “Behind the Weasic” by Greg Beato, SPIN, October 1999

00:18:25 Another iconic awkward moment involving Buster Poindexter

00:19:32 The 1988 MTV Spring Break special footage we could find

00:20:32 Another random Pauly Shore/Corey Feldman moment

00:26:54 Totally Different Pauly Episode 482: “Day 1 Scuba”

00:27:52 Totally Pauly Episode 33: “Day 5 Running Mom Errands”

00:28:26 Totally Pauly Episode 1: “Hollywood”

00:28:51 Totally Pauly Episode 2: “Business 9 to 5”

00:30:12 Our episode on David Lee Roth‘s Crazy from the Heat

00:30:26 Totally Pauly Episode 6: “Working from Home”

00:31:25 Totally Pauly Episode 11: “Hotel Attendant”

00:35:11 Totally Pauly Episode 325: “Day 5 Encino Man Filming Sound Stage”

00:36:16 Ken Tucker’s 1991 Entertainment Weekly review of Totally Pauly

00:38:46 “Hey dude, the Weasel is, like, the future of America” by Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, June 1991

00:39:47 Chillin’ with the Wiez 1993 Spring Break Special

00:42:34 Totally Different Pauly Episode 477: “Day 1 Charlie Sheen”

00:43:37 Chillin’ with the Wiez 1993 Spring Break Special

00:45:00 Totally Different Pauly Episode 477: “Day 1 Charlie Sheen”

00:45:59 Totally Different Pauly Episode 483: “Day 4 Scuba”

00:46:21 Totally Different Pauly Episode 482: “Day 1 Scuba”

00:48:34 Totally Different Pauly Episode 467: “Day 4 South Padre Island Texas”

00:50:05 Totally Pauly Episode 71: “Prince’s Paisley Park Studios”

00:50:22 Zach’s Prince blog

00:52:53 Callie’s other podcast, Baby Lee Roth

00:54:44 Totally Pauly Episode 12: “Day 1 At Sam Kinison’s House”

00:56:52 (This Dipshit)

00:57:51 Totally Different Pauly Episode 472: “Day 5 Great Expectations”

01:03:54 “Lisa, Lisa (The One I Adore)” Official Music Video by Pauly Shore

01:05:47 Pauly’s Totally Buff Special

01:08:24 Pauly Does Dallas (Joel Gallen, Greg Johnston, and Robert Leacock, 1992)

01:10:54 Apparently taking bubble baths in front of teenagers was a thing for him?

01:12:07 (Actually she didn’t say she had sex with him, Zach just can’t read)

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01:14:40 We’re back on Spotify

01:14:56 Pauly’s Totally Buff Special


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