Dystopian Dance Party Presents 12 Months of Mike

After another nearly year-long hiatus, the Dystopian Dance Party podcast has returned with something literally no one asked for: a year-long deep dive into the cinematic ouevre of Saturday Night Live alum/man of a thousand catchphrases/notorious Hollywood diva Mike Myers. In this first episode, we delve into Mike’s pre-feature film career and (sort of) explain why we’ve been possessed to do this. Come for the cracks about Cat in the Hat, stay for the clips of ’70s and ’80s Canadian TV shows!

00:02:33 Our Cancellation of Jheri Curl June 2020

00:03:25 Zach’s Other Project that People Actually Care About

00:04:45 Check Out Our Daily #MikeDrops on the Dystopian Dance Party Instagram

00:11:19 The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast

00:18:34 The AV Club: “Amy Hill on being Hollywood’s ‘go-to Asian’ and why working with Mike Myers was hell”

00:24:53 Shrek the Musical: Luckily Not Part of This Series

00:27:15 Mike’s Gong Show Host Persona: Not Technically Part of Our Project, but We’ll Probably Talk about It Anyway

00:28:00 Mike in Bohemian Rhapsody


00:30:04 Eight-Year-Old Mike in a Canadian Wrigley’s Commercial

00:35:12 16-Year-Old Mike Appears on The Littlest Hobo with Clarence Williams III

00:36:29 Mike on City Limits/Much Music, 1983-84

00:43:10 Mike’s Uncredited Role as “Delivery Boy” in John and Yoko: A Love Story, 1985

00:44:25 Neil Mullarkey in Austin Powers

00:44:40 Mullarkey & Myers at Edinburgh Comedy Festival, 1985

00:45:52 “Wayne’s Power Minute” on It’s Only Rock & Roll, 1987

00:47:18 Kurt & Dieter on It’s Only Rock & Roll, 1987


00:50:45 Mike as “Cockney Man” in Elvis Stories, 1989

01:00:09 More Kurt & Dieter from It’s Only Rock & Roll


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