Dystopian Video Game Party Podcast: 25 Years of Super Nintendo

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the North American release of our favorite video game console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System; so here we are again to share our fuzzy, occasionally embarrassing childhood memories about the games we played when we could have been bettering ourselves or going outside. As usual, check below for notes on music played and things referenced. And play some SNES games, fer Chrissakes! I, for one, think I might fire up EarthBound tonight.

00:00:00   Super Mario World Commercial, 1991

00:00:29   Opening Theme(s) from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji (1991)

00:03:02   Our Legend of Zelda Podcast

00:04:19   “World Map 2” from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:07:18   Super Mario World Commercial, 1991

00:08:15   “World Map” from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:08:22   Super Mario Bros. 3 Map Screen


00:08:36  Super Mario World Map Screen

00:09:07   “Overworld Theme” from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:10:12   Fire Mario Sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3 (Actually Orange and Red)

Photo stolen from the Nathan DiYorio Library

00:11:35   This Was Basically Zach on Christmas Morning 1991:

00:12:23   “Underground Theme” from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:12:58   The “Super NES Super Set”: “The System of Choice for the Serious Game Player”

Photo stolen from Recycled Thoughts from a Retro Gamer

00:15:20   “Overworld 2 (with Yoshi)” from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:16:20   Yoshi Eats the Apples (and Some Other Stuff) in Super Mario World

00:17:15   Falling Behind the Scenery in Super Mario Bros. 3

00:18:00   Getting the Blue Yoshi in Cheese (Not Butter) Bridge

00:18:25   “Star Road” from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:20:33   Fuck This Level

00:21:12   Ending Credit Roll/Cast Roll from Super Mario World by Kondo Koji

00:22:12   The Lava Monster (“Blargg“) from Super Mario World

© Nintendo

00:23:10   New Super Mario Bros. U: A Good Homage to Super Mario World, Not Quite the Same

00:27:11   Opening Theme/Character Select from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior by Shimomura Yoko and Abe Isao (1992)

00:30:13   Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (Interplay, 1995)

00:30:18   “Flatulent Swamps” from Boogerman by Matt Furniss

00:31:15   Ultraman: Towards the Future (Bandai, 1991)

00:33:15   How Goof Troop (Capcom, 1993) is Meant to Be Played

00:33:17   “Goofy or Max” from Goof Troop by Iwai Yuki

00:36:10   Opening Theme/”Stone Age Skirmish” from Joe & Mac by  Hamada Seiichi, Momoi Seiji, and Yamanaka Seiji (1991)

00:36:38   Joe & Mac (Data East)


00:38:30   ClayFighter (Visual Concepts/Interplay, 1993)

00:39:41   “Blue Suede Goo” from ClayFighter by John Schappert and Jason G. Andersen (1993)

00:40:23   Everyone’s Favorite ClayFighter Character, “Blob”

Photo stolen from ClayFighter Wiki (yes, there is a ClayFighter Wiki)

00:41:43   “Stage 4: Clockwork Mansion 4-1” from Super Castlevania IV by Adachi Masanori and Kudo Taro (1991)

00:42:15   Stage One of Super Castlevania IV (Konami)

00:42:52   Dig That Mode 7 in Super Castlevania IV

00:44:19   Super Mario All-Stars Commercial, 1993

00:46:35   Original Super Mario Bros. to All-Stars Remake Comparison

00:47:41   Opening Screen from Super Mario All-Stars (Nintendo, 1993); Music by Oka Soyo

00:48:17   Opening Theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Kondo Koji (1991)

00:48:45   Opening Theme/”Your Name Please“/”Threed, Zombie Central“/”Belch’s Factory” from EarthBound by Suzuki Keiichi and Tanaka Hirokazu (1994)

00:51:06   Battles in EarthBound (Ape/Nintendo)

00:52:37   Twoson and Threed in EarthBound 

00:52:40   Happy Happy Village in EarthBound

00:54:03   Master Belch (Clay Version) from EarthBound

Photo stolen from EarthBound Wiki

00:54:06   The “Boogey Tent” from EarthBound

Photo stolen from Starmen.net

00:56:06   The Infamous American Mega Man Box Art

© Capcom

00:56:36   “Kid Ying” and “Dr. Yang” (a.k.a., Goemon and Ebisumaru) in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Konami, 1991)

00:56:47   Opening Theme from The Legend of the Mystical Ninja by Uekō Harumi

00:58:17   The Obscene Password System of The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

00:59:26   The Farthest Zach Has Advanced in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

00:59:53   Opening Theme from Final Fantasy VI (a.k.a. III) by Uematsu Nobuo (1994)

01:01:35   “Guardia Millennial Fair” from Chrono Trigger by Mitsuda Yasunori (1995)

01:01:45   Beginning Moments of Chrono Trigger (Square)

01:02:10   Killin’ Rabites in Secret of Mana (Square, 1993)


01:03:09   The Final Boss (Mana Beast) in Secret of Mana

01:03:26   Experience the Ending of Secret of Mana Just Like Callie Did

01:03:50   The Obligatory Squaresoft Wall Boss in Secret of Mana

01:05:18   “A Wish (Ice Country)” from Secret of Mana by Kikuta Hiroki (1993)

01:05:39   Santa Claus in Secret of Mana

01:05:45   Moogles in Secret of Mana

01:07:17   “Terra’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI by Uematsu Nobuo

01:08:30   Final Fantasy VI: Steampunk Before Steampunk

01:10:26   Our David Bowie Podcast (It Makes Sense in Context)

01:11:40   “Jungle Groove“/”Aquatic Ambience” from Donkey Kong Country by David Wise (1994)

01:14:08   The Greatest Video Game Graphics of All Time in Donkey Kong Country (Rare/Nintendo)

01:16:11   Mario Paint (Nintendo, 1992)

01:16:18   Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (Nintendo, 1995)

01:17:03   Yoshi Story Carries on the Graphical (If Not the Gameplay) Tradition of Yoshi’s Island

01:17:09   The Tradition Continues with Yoshi’s Woolly World (Not, in Fact, Yoshi’s Epic Yarn)

01:19:10   “Chrono Trigger” from Chrono Trigger by Mitsuda Yasunori

01:22:16   Imaginary Genres: Auto-Erotica

01:25:06   “Blue Flowers (Yoshi’s Island)” by Team Teamwork (from Super Nintendo Sega Genesis, 2011)


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