Year of the Weasel Episode 5: In the Army Now (1994)

Well, we knew the honeymoon had to end eventually; after nearly four months of being arguably the world’s most consistently Pauly Shore-positive podcast, we’ve finally found a movie we just plain don’t like. In the Army Now is brazen military propaganda, weirdly racist, and perhaps worst of all, not very funny. But hey, at least the soundtrack has a pretty cool ZZ Top song!

A quick note on the audio quality: We once again had a laggy Internet connection, and somehow lost Callie’s local audio, so you’ll notice significantly more crosstalk than usual on this one (and that’s coming from two people with a pretty high tolerance for crosstalk). Your patience and understanding is appreciated!

Video version:

00:00:00 Trailer for In the Army Now (Daniel Petrie Jr., 1994)

00:06:15 We talked about the Jeffrey Katzenberg/Totally London kerfuffle in our Son in Law episode

00:07:34 In the Army Now on Rotten Tomatoes (actually a 12% approval rating, congrats Pauly!)

00:26:30 Barbarians (1987) violates all the taboos In the Army Now is afraid to touch

00:29:55 We talked about Pauly’s gormless, childlike proposal to Drew Barrymore in our last minisode

00:38:28 Our previous podcast where we talked about an annoying guy who yells “Hello!” a lot

00:43:57 “World of Swirl” by ZZ Top (music video by Zack Snyder!)

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