Headbangers Book Club: Morris Day’s On Time (Part 2)

It’s #jhericurljune in July! After a brief delay due to COVID- and car theft-related trauma, we’re finally back with Part 2 of our deep dive on Morris Day‘s 2019 memoir On Time: A Princely Life in Funk! Join us as we celebrate one of the greatest cultural achievements of the late 20th century (“Fishnet”), and we’ll see you again in two weeks for the first half of Pamela Des BarresI’m with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie!

00:07:15 “The Blue Light” by Frank Zappa (from Tinsel Town Rebellion, 1981)

00:10:48 Our podcast on Peter Criss’ Makeup to Breakup

00:17:47 “Fishnet” by Morris Day (from Daydreaming, 1987)

00:21:47 Our podcast about Under the Cherry Moon

00:31:51 “Fishnet (a.k.a. Fish Legs)” by some guy in the ’80s

00:34:09 The infamous Lovesexy album cover

00:37:26 The Controversy shower poster (pictured here in Zach’s old apartment bathroom)

00:45:43 The “Tick, Tick, Bang” scene in Graffiti Bridge

00:51:27 Morris’ short-lived girl group, the Day-Zs

00:52:18 (The Janet Jackson video was “Alright”)

00:54:08 Our Meat Loaf podcast, where we discovered Blind Before I Stop

01:19:15 Part 2 of our Sebastian Bachcast had some surprising (or not so surprising) parallels with this episode

01:26:25 “The Character” by Morris Day (from The Color of Success, 1985)


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