Dystopian Movie Party Podcast: 30 Years Under the Cherry Moon

Monday, July 4th marked the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence; more importantly, however, it also marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the second and most underrated feature film starring PrinceUnder the Cherry Moon. Today, in what will (probably) be our last Prince-related podcast of 2016, we talk about why we can’t help but like this stupid, stupid movie–and why, for a very select audience, it might just be worth a second look. Also, at one point Zach compares the film to Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless (don’t worry, it makes more sense in context).

00:00:00   Opening Credits from Under the Cherry Moon, featuring “An Honest Man” (Prince, 1986)

00:02:40   Under the Cherry Moon‘s Coveted Golden Raspberries

00:04:06   Review by Rita Kempley, The Washington Post

00:04:27   Review by Gene Siskel, The Chicago Tribune

00:04:43   Review by Peter Travers, People

00:05:03   Review by Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel

00:05:18   Review by Walter Goodman, The New York Times

00:06:31   “Christopher Tracy’s Parade” by Prince and the Revolution (from Parade, 1986)

00:09:08   Roger Ebert on Under the Cherry Moon: “Maybe he was trying to combine an old Fred Astaire film with a perfume commercial

00:09:22   The Costumes of Under the Cherry Moon

00:09:50   “New Position” (from Parade)

00:12:24   “I Wonder U” (from Parade)

00:13:30   Zach’s Jheri Curl Cinema Post on Purple Rain

00:14:52   “Under the Cherry Moon” (from Parade)

00:15:42   Recent “Defense” by Peter Sobczynski, Roger Ebert.com

00:23:56   “Do U Lie?” (from Parade)

00:25:45   Around the World in a Day Cover Art

© Warner Bros.

00:26:13   Watch This GIF While You Listen

Stolen from The Internet

00:28:14   The Infamous “Wrecka Stow” Scene

00:29:05   (It was St. Paul from the Family)

00:29:30   Scene from Under the Cherry Moon featuring “Mia Bocca” (later released by Jill Jones, 1987)

00:34:58   Scene from Under the Cherry Moon featuring “Alexa de Paris” (1986 B-side)

00:38:19   “Girls & Boys” (from Parade)

00:44:50   “Life Can Be So Nice” (from Parade)

00:46:18   New Wave mise-en-scène (and Miles) in Under the Cherry Moon

© Warner Bros.

00:46:47   The Slightly Less Ridiculous Death Scene at the End of Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless (1960)

00:48:12   Scene from Under the Cherry Moon featuring “Kiss” (from Parade)

00:50:42   The Interminable Opening Scene


00:54:30   “♥ Or $“(1986 B-side/Golden Raspberry Winner for Worst Original Song)

00:55:17   Don’t Loan Prince Money or He’ll Buy This Outfit

00:58:28   “Anotherloverholenyohead” (from Parade)

00:58:57   Gee, I Wonder If Prince Ever Watched Casablanca?

01:03:31   Parade Cover Art

© Warner Bros.

01:04:06 Our Podcast on the Prince “Protégé Albums”

01:04:56   “Venus De Milo” (from Parade)

01:08:55   Under the Cherry Moon‘s Premiere…at the Sheridan, Wyoming Holiday Inn


01:10:07   Lisa Barber Interviewed in People, 4/23/2016

01:10:25   “Mountains” (from Parade)

01:13:48   Under the Cherry Moon in Color?

01:15:02   More Prince Than You Can Handle at dance / music / sex / romance

01:17:53   “An Honest Man” (1986 recording, available on Crystal Ball)


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