12 Months of Mike Month 4: Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery

The bad news is, we’re a day late for Month 4 of our year-long deep dive into the cinematic oeuvre of Mike Myers; but the good news is, the movie we’re discussing may just be the best of the bunch. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery holds up surprisingly well, and feels in retrospect like Myers’ peak as a singular creative voice. It’s all downhill from here, folks! We’ll be back later in January for what will likely be a much more sobering look at the 1999 sequel, The Spy Who Shagged Me; in the meantime, though, this is our happening, baby, and it freaks us out!

00:00:00 Theatrical Trailer for Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

00:03:01 How We Remember Watching Austin Powers

Photo stolen from RECollectVHS

00:06:26 The McFarlane Austin Powers Action Figure that Serves as Our Personal Metonym for the Series’ Decline

Photo stolen from GoFigure

00:10:47 The Wind of Change Podcast

00:15:36 The Hollywood Reporter: “‘Austin Powers’ at 20: Mike Myers, Jay Roach, More Spill Secrets in Shagadelic Oral History”

00:17:22 The Rolling Stone Cover Zach Remembers

00:17:47 The Rolling Stone Cover Story in which Mike is Described as “The Marlon Brando of Comedy”

00:18:01 “The Look of Love” by Dusty Springfield with Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (from the Casino Royale soundtrack, 1967)

00:21:48 Deee-Lite’s Proto-Austin Powers Aesthetic

00:29:37 Dr. Evil’s Ill-Timed Blackmail Plot against the Royal Family

00:34:17 The Yacht Rock Web Series

00:42:40 Dana Carvey on His Claim to the Dr. Evil Voice

00:43:20 Will Ferrell’s Prolonged, Python-Esque Death Scene as Mustafa

00:45:43 “Soul Bossa Nova” by Quincy Jones (from Big Band Bossa Nova, 1962)

00:47:39 The “Ringtone” Shared by Austin Powers and Derek Flint

00:47:59 The Mom-Punching Scene that Divided Zach and Callie

00:50:38 Basil Exposition Lives Up to His Name and Explains why Austin was Cryogenically Frozen

00:53:39 The “Personal Effects” Scene with Neil Mullarkey

00:56:56 The Famous “Do I Make You Horny?” Scene


01:02:20 Dr. Evil and Scott

01:05:05 (The Begimning of) Tom Arnold’s Cameo

01:05:39 “Richie Cunningham” Meets Alotta Fagina

01:01:19 Burt Bacharach’s Cameo

01:10:51 The Old “Farting in a Hot Tub” Gag

01:13:01 Dr. Evil and Scott in Group Therapy

01:19:18 The Bone-Chilling Love Guru Foreshadowing in the Ming Tea Interludes

01:20:40 Dr. Evil’s Simple Request

01:21:20 Scott Just Doesn’t Get It

01:24:44 The Cart Scene Doesn’t Translate Well to Audio, but It’s Great

01:25:02 Austin Defeats the Fembots through “Cross-Mojonation”

01:26:47 The Fruit Basket Scene where Austin Just Fully Exposes Himself to Basil Exposition

01:27:58 “Austin Powers” by the Wondermints (from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – Original Soundtrack, 1997)






2 responses to “12 Months of Mike Month 4: Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery”

  1. Jukebox Cowboy Avatar

    Along with containing more subtle references to stuff like Andy Warhol’s Factory, the first Austin Powers is more of a Britpop movie, with then current hit Brit pop bands in the soundtrack like Space and Edwin Vollins. There’s not a Madonna in earshot. At the time bands like Blur were celebrating, or at least commenting on, Powers-like ladism with albums like Parklife

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