Dystopian Book Club Podcast: Ace Frehley’s No Regrets

Our series of Book Club podcasts on the autobiographies of KISS continues with No Regrets, the 2011 memoir by the band’s original guitarist Ace Frehley. Listen to us talk about Ace’s propensity for driving under the influence and analyze the similarities and differences between his and Gene Simmons’ sides of the story–or, put another way, just listen to us bash Gene for another 90 minutes. We’re pretty sure Ace would approve. Show notes are below, and we’ll be back in the New Year with the next installment: Makeup to Breakup by Peter Criss.

00:00:00   “New York Groove” by Ace Frehley (from Ace Frehley, 1978)

00:01:37   Our Previous Dystopian Book Club Podcast on Gene Simmons

00:04:15   “Cold Gin” by KISS (from KISS, 1974)

00:10:15   “2000 Man” by KISS (from Dynasty, 1979)

00:17:44   “Hard Times” by KISS (from Dynasty)

00:21:26   “Rock Soldiers” by Ace Frehley (from Frehley’s Comet, 1987)


00:28:38   “Parasite” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell, 1974)

00:33:20   “Rocket Ride” by KISS (from Alive II, 1977)

00:37:46   Gene’s Execrable “Firestarter” Video

00:39:49   “Speedin’ Back to My Baby” by Ace Frehley (from Ace Frehley, 1978)

00:42:57   The Laser Pointer Incident

00:46:28   “Rock and Roll All Nite” by KISS (from Alive!, 1975)

00:49:56   Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery – Proof That Ace Got Out at the Right Time

00:50:29   “Strange Ways” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell)

00:51:22   Gene “Flying” in a 2009 KISS Show – More Proof That Ace Got Out at the Right Time

00:52:53   Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour: Like KISS, But Better

00:53:54   “Fractured Mirror” by Ace Frehley (from Ace Frehley)

00:54:38   Ace’s Infamous Stunt Double for KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park

Photo stolen from KISSFaq.com

00:56:44   A Sampling of the Oscar-Worthy Performances in KISS Meets the Phantom

01:00:35   “Snow Blind” by Ace Frehley (from Ace Frehley)

01:06:12   “Shock Me” by KISS (from Love Gun, 1977)

01:10:53   The Horrible, CGI-Ass, Shitty Cover of Psycho Circus

© Mercury Records

01:10:55   The Horrible, CGI-Ass, Shitty Video for “Psycho Circus”

01:11:13   “Into the Void” by KISS (from Psycho Circus, 1998)

01:18:49   “Rock Bottom” by KISS (from Dressed to Kill, 1975)

01:20:08   Zach’s Guides to the Best and Worst of KISS

01:21:14   “I’m in Need of Love” by Ace Frehley (from Ace Frehley)

01:23:07   “Kissin’ Time”: The Beginning of the End/Just the Beginning (from KISS)

01:25:45   “Torpedo Girl”: Ace’s Songwriting Nadir (from Unmasked, 1980)

01:26:36   Aces High

01:27:20   Dynasty Ace Was Pretty Rad Though

Photo stolen from God Gave KISS to You

01:30:12   “Getaway” by KISS (from Dressed to Kill)


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