Dystopian Book Club Podcast: Gene Simmons’ Kiss and Make-Up

38 years ago this month, the four original members of KISS did the unthinkable and released four separate solo albums on the same day. Now, Dystopian Dance Party is following in their footsteps, and doing something even less thinkable: we’re reading all four KISS members’ autobiographies and recording our thoughts on them in a series of “Book Club” podcasts. First up is–who else–Gene Simmons, and his 2001 memoir Kiss and Make-Up. The conversation that follows is arguably the snarkiest thing we’ve ever posted on this website (and that’s saying something). You wanted the best, you got the…well, “best” is probably a stretch, but you get the idea. Show notes are below.

00:00:00   “Great Expectations” by KISS (from Destroyer, 1976)

00:04:56   “Radioactive” by Gene Simmons (from Gene Simmons, 1978)

00:08:04   KISS on Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, 1979


00:08:40   Zach with Peter Criss‘ Green Muppet Stole at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

00:09:29   “Nothin’ to Lose” by KISS (from KISS, 1974)

00:13:47   “Ladies’ Room” by KISS (from Rock and Roll Over, 1976)

00:17:22   Zach’s Guides to the Best and Worst of KISS

00:18:35   “God of Thunder” by KISS (from Destroyer)

00:22:34   “Let Me Know” by KISS (from KISS)

00:29:13   “Calling Dr. Love” by KISS (from Rock and Roll Over)

00:33:13   Gene’s Infamous Interview with Terry Gross

00:35:08   “Almost Human” by KISS (from Love Gun, 1977)

00:43:32   “Man of 1,000 Faces” by Gene Simmons (from Gene Simmons)

00:48:52   “Ladies in Waiting” by KISS (from Dressed to Kill, 1975)

00:59:17   “Charisma” by KISS (from Dynasty, 1979)

01:03:25   “Deuce” by KISS (from KISS)

01:07:56   “She” by Wicked Lester (1971 recording; available on The Box Setby KISS)

01:16:19   “Kissin’ Time” by KISS (from KISS)

01:19:54   “Black Diamond” by KISS (from KISS)

01:24:08   “Beth” by KISS (from Destroyer)

01:30:33   Ace Frehley‘s Body Double in KISS Meets the Phantom

Photo stolen from KISSFaq.com

01:31:09   “I Love It Loud” by KISS (from Creatures of the Night, 1982)

01:39:14   “Goin’ Blind” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell, 1974)

01:43:25   “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell)


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