12 Months of Mike Month 11: The Love Guru

The end of our year-long immersion in the filmography of Mike Myers is in sight; but hoo boy, is this final stretch a test of endurance. Our penultimate film is 2008’s The Love Guru: the movie that finally put Mike’s career out of its misery after The Cat in the Hat roughed it up and left it for dead. Join us as we discuss the unfathomable depths to which Ben Kingsley sinks in his performance, and repeatedly refer to Romany Malco as “Romany Falco.” But really, who cares? Nothing matters! God is dead, long live Pitka!

00:00:00 The Love Guru Theatrical Trailer

00:07:32 Entertainment Weekly: “Mike Myers: Man of Mystery”


00:14:41 Here’s the Love Guru/American Idol Cross-Promotional Tie-In, If You Dare

00:32:54 Yep, He Made That Joke in an Earlier Movie

00:38:15 Romany Falco

00:38:25 A Taste of Romany Malco’s Past Life as a Feline Rapper

00:41:52 A More Realistic Portrayal of a Man as Well-Endowed as Jacques “Le Coq” Grande

00:44:03 The First of, We’re Afraid, Several Interminable Hindustani Music Parodies in The Love Guru


00:49:55 The Love Guru‘s Obligatory Late-Career Mike Myers Nightmare Fuel

00:53:57 The Best 20 Seconds in The Love Guru by Default

00:57:27 We Guess We’ll Count This as a Catch Phrase

00:59:27 Seriously, What is Going on with Pitka and Rajneesh?

01:09:34 #StinkMop

01:12:59 (It was Rob Huebel, by the way)

01:19:09 The Last (Thank God) of The Love Guru‘s Interminable Hindustani Music Parodies

01:21:34 “Sexy Sadie” by the Beatles (from The Beatles, 1968)


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