Dystopian Halloween Party Podcast: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

Well, here it is: coming in two days after Halloween, but better late than never, we have our first-ever podcast. This is something we’ve been talking about doing for a while, and overall it was pretty fun–even if we’re both so unprofessional that it required hours of post-editing to make us listenable. And yes, this being our first attempt, the whole thing is a little rough around the edges, sound quality-wise; but that’s all part of the charm of podcasting, right? …Right?

Anyway, to launch this new monthly feature, we could think of no better topic of discussion than the 1987 direct-to-video Canadian horror film Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare. Directed by the late John Fasano (Zombie NightmareBlack RosesThe Jitters) and written by/starring bodybuilder-turned-cult-metal-frontman Jon Mikl ThorRock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare (also known as The Edge of Hell) was made on a shoestring budget and is still remembered today–if at all–for its cheeseball effects and good-natured Canadian butt-rock soundtrack. Needless to say, it’s a favorite of ours, and we take our time discussing everything from the infamous van scene to the absolutely bonkers climax. I hope you enjoy it. Listen below, and check after the jump for a chronological list of the music played and the scenes discussed.

00:00:00   “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare Intro”

00:03:57   “Standing on the Edge of Hell”

00:07:45   “Keep the Dogs Away” by THOR (from Keep the Dogs Away)

00:08:48   “Lick It Up” by KISS (from Lick it Up)

00:08:56   “Live It Up

00:09:09   “Wild Life (Edge of Hell)

00:12:14   “Spiralling Terror”

00:17:30   “The Magic Voice”

00:17:46   The Infamous Van Scene

00:20:35   “The Magic Voice” again

00:23:01   The Similar Driving Scene from Manos: The Hands of Fate

00:23:28   “Winds of Evil”

00:34:43   “We Live to Rock”

00:37:05   “Nocturnal Invader (Phil’s Demise)”

00:42:27   “Spiralling Terror” again

00:46:46   Rusty Hamilton on Boobpedia

00:50:10   “Steal Your Thunder

00:55:10   “Energy”

00:57:58   “I Heard Luanne Scream”

01:00:27   “Heads Will Turn

01:04:57   “Attack of the Minions”

01:05:24   “Face Off (The Final Confrontation)”

01:07:29   Thor  vs. Satan

01:12:38   “We Accept the Challenge

01:16:04   “Spiralling Terror” (last time, we promise)

01:18:15   A sample Death (actually Black) Metal video by the Black Satans

01:19:08   “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare Intro” again

01:20:12   “See You Again, Old Scratch”/”We Accept the Challenge” again

All musical cues from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare soundtrack, unless otherwise indicated.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare is available on DVD. You can also hear many of the songs above as Thor originally intended on his 1987 album The Edge of Hell, currently streaming on Spotify:


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