Dystopian Adaptation Party Podcast: The Dirt

It isn’t every day that an Official Dystopian Book Club selection gets adapted into a movie; so, for the first and quite possibly last time, we’re reconvening after just one week to discuss Jeff Tremaine’s biopic version of Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt. Spoilers: we liked it! But then again, we’re also garbage people, so maybe get a second opinion.

00:00:00 Doc McGhee (David Costabile) in The Dirt (Jeff Tremaine, 2019)

00:02:21 Our Dystopian Book Club Podcast on The Dirt

00:03:16 Our Twitter Moment on The Dirt Movie

00:18:26 “When All We Wanted Was The Dirt” by Christopher Weingarten

00:41:44 “Looks That Kill” by James Pants (from Cosmic Rapp EP, 2007)

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