12 Months of Mike Month 3: Wayne’s World 2

We’re now a quarter of the way through our year-long deep dive into the cinematic oeuvre of Mike Myers, and would you believe it, the movie is actually pretty darn good: Wayne’s World 2 may not be quite on the same level as its predecessor, but it’s funnier and more memorable than a sequel to a Saturday Night Live spinoff movie has any right to be. Join us as we discuss our favorite and least favorite scenes, the only circumstances under which we would be interested in seeing a Wayne’s World 3, and whether Wayne and Garth are actually ageless, dimension-hopping demigods. Let us know your thoughts in the comments–we’ll be back next month for Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

00:00:00 Theatrical Trailer for Wayne’s World 2

00:07:20 SPIN: “How So I Married an Axe Murderer Wrecked One Writer’s Vision, Lost Several Stars, Bombed at the Box Office, and Became a Classic Anyway

00:19:23 Theatrical Trailer for Passport to Pimlico

00:20:49 Regina Leader-Post: “Making Wayne’s World 2 was ‘traumatic’ for director Stephen Surjik”

00:21:05 The Hollywood Reporter: “Why Sherry Lansing Threatened Mike Myers: ‘I’ll Take Your F—ing House’

00:24:18 Christopher Walken Flexing His Chops as a Romantic Lead in Annie Hall

00:34:58 The (Middling) First Non-Recycled Gag in Wayne’s World 2

00:37:09 “Dude Looks Like a Lady (Movie Version)” by Aerosmith (from Wayne’s World 2: Music from the Motion Picture, 1993)

00:40:50 Wayne and Garth (and Aerosmith) Revisit “We’re Not Worthy” to Diminishing Returns

00:41:35 By Request, Here’s Guitar Hero Aerosmith for the Nintendo Wii


00:42:33 Wayne and Garth’s Very Different Backstage Experience in Wayne’s World 2

00:46:08 Wayne Meets Jim Morrison (Michael A. Nickles) and His “Weird Naked Indian” Friend (Larry Sellers)

00:46:30 Wayne and Del Preston (Ralph Brown) Compare Notes on their Prophetic Dreams

00:48:13 Vulture: Is Wayne’s World Still Excellent 25 Years Later?

00:50:31 Wayne’s Word-Association Pitch for Waynestock (featuring Rip Taylor)

00:51:40 Wayne and Garth’s Convincing Body Doubles Go to England


00:52:40 Another Great Stunt Double Scene in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

00:52:51 Obligatory Picture of the Black Ace Frehley Double from KISS Meets the Phantom

00:53:46 Ralph Brown’s Proto-Del Preston Character Danny in Withnail and I, 1987

00:55:04 Del Preston’s Ozzy Story

00:57:47 The Original (and Superior) of Mike Myers’ “Trying Not to Point Out an Obvious Abnormality on Someone’s Face” Gags

00:59:53 The Much, Much Dumber Version of this Scene in Goldmember

01:05:21 Garth Meets Honey Horneé (Kim Basinger)

01:06:08 The Interminable Leprechaun Scene

01:08:36 Wayne’s Kung Fu Movie Parody with James Hong


01:11:55 Wayne Channels Linda Richman at Komrade’s

01:14:49 The Greatest Scene in Wayne’s World 2 Cinema History

01:17:27 Honey Seduces Garth

01:20:23 Chris Farley’s First Appearance in Wayne’s World 2

01:22:20 Drew Barrymore as Bjergen Kjergen, a.k.a. the Worst Part of Wayne’s World 2

01:25:28 This Scene from the First Wayne’s World Gets a Decent Callback


01:26:10 The Bizarre Charlton Heston Cameo

01:32:42 “Shut Up and Dance (Movie Version)” by Aerosmith (from Wayne’s World 2: Music from the Motion Picture)







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