12 Months of Mike Month 10: Shrek the Third

It’s an experimental episode this time around, as we try to kill two birds with one stone by watching Shrek the Third at the same time as we record the podcast. The results are… not great, especially since Zach sounds like he’s recording from a really large open bathroom (don’t worry, he’s not). Still, rest assured that the experience of listening to us watch Shrek the Third can’t possibly be worse than the experience of watching Shrek the Third alone! We’ll be back at the end of July with a more traditional (for better or worse) episode on The Love Guru.

00:00:00 Shrek the Third Theatrical Trailer

00:07:13 If You Want to Watch Along with Us, Here’s the Bootleg Version We Watched


00:14:29 Press Play Now!

00:28:58 OK, Now Pause while We Talk about Smooth My Balls

00:31:39 OK, Now You Can Unpause

01:01:00 If You’re Getting Bored, Just Watch this Supercut of Tim and Eric’s Shrek the Third Promos

01:08:42 (It Was Tom Brokaw)


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