Jheri Curl June: Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough”

One of the things that has always endeared me to J.C.M. is its ability to mix an extremely fun, funky sound with a certain melancholy. Songs like René and Angela’s “I’ll Be Good,” anything off of Prince’s 1999 album or most of the SOS Band’s discography, have a way of expressing heartbreak and longing in a way you can dance to.

Dev Hynes, also known as Blood Orange, built a career off of this very sound, which is clearly rooted in the synthesized heartbreak of ’80s R&B, but with modern pop sensibilities. With its warm synthesizers, chirpy guitar, and shuffling beat, “You’re Not Good Enough” has many of the hallmarks of early J.C.M., particularly from Prince’s first few albums. It has that muted, almost hazy feeling that J.C.M. had until about 1983, when big glossy synthesized horns and harder beats took over. Even the music video (below) has a look similar to Prince’s 1981 performance on SNL.

We’ll be back tomorrow to highlight more post-Jheri Curl jams; in the meantime, playlists are below:


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