Dystopian Listening Party Podcast: Je Suis Kanye

Earlier this month, Kanye West (basically) released his seventh solo album, The Life of Pablo. And, since Zach won’t get around to writing about it for a while, we thought we’d dedicate this episode of our podcast to sharing our impressions. It’s a bit of a messy, meandering conversation, but then, that’s only fair when it comes to discussing a messy, meandering (but still great) album like Kanye’s. So join us, a couple of those “no-pussy-gettin’ bloggers” Yeezy loves so dearly, as we discuss The Life of Pablo, the meaning of “conscious” hip-hop in 2016, and why Kanye West matters.

00:00:00   “Low Lights” (from The Life of Pablo, 2016)

00:01:15   Je Suis Kanye: The Kanye West Oeuvre

00:02:11   “High Lights” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:05:46   “Freestyle 4” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:07:49   “Yeezy Season 3” at Madison Square Garden, February 11, 2016

00:08:54   “Ultralight Beam” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:14:02   Zach’s 2005 Review of Late Registration

00:14:38   “Gold Digger” (from Late Registration, 2005)

00:16:26   “We Don’t Care” (from The College Dropout, 2004)

00:18:43   “Say You Will” (from 808s & Heartbreak, 2008)

00:19:56   “Barry Bonds” (from Graduation, 2007)

00:22:15    “I Love Kanye” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:24:18   “All Falls Down” (from The College Dropout)

00:27:10   “Feedback” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:29:50   “Fade” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:32:35    “Wolves” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:33:02   “The Life of Pablo vs. The Life of Kanye,” New York Times, February 18, 2016

00:35:40   “Famous” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:38:40   “Blame Game” (from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010)

00:44:35   “On Sight” (from Yeezus, 2013)

00:47:55   “FML” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:51:15   “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:53:31   “Pt. 2” (from The Life of Pablo)

00:57:48   “Facts” (from The Life of Pablo)

01:02:30   “30 Hours” (from The Life of Pablo)

01:03:15   Young Thug at Yeezy Season 3

Stolen from somebody’s Tumblr

01:05:47   Kanye and Pusha T Having the Time of Their Lives at Yeezy Season 3

Photo stolen from MTV

01:06:44   “Waves” (from The Life of Pablo)


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