Dystopian Halloween Party Podcast: Trick or Treat

Just under a year ago, we launched our podcast with a special Halloween episode dedicated to 1987’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare. This year, the Dystopian Halloween Party podcast returns with another heavy metal horror flick: Trick or Treat from 1986, which does not star Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, no matter what the DVD box tells you. If you’re looking for a movie to watch this Halloween night, look no further: it’s party time! Show notes below.

00:00:00   Opening Credits from Trick or Treat

00:00:47   “Stand Up” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat, 1986)

00:05:48   “After Midnight” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat)

00:06:18   Trick or Treat‘s Infamous DVD Cover

© Platinum Disc Corporation

00:08:40   Trick or Treat‘s Marketing Inspiration?

© Vestron Video

00:09:30   Ozzy Osbourne’s Starring Role in Trick or Treat

00:12:00   “If You Could See” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat)

00:13:50   Trick or Treat Director Charles Martin Smith’s Impeccable Pedigree

00:15:40   Trick or Treat Star Tony Fields on Solid Gold

00:17:57   Gene Simmons’ Incredible Performance in Trick or Treat


00:20:20   “Tear Down the Walls” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat)

00:25:15   “Don’t Stop the Fight” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat)

00:31:34   Ragman (Marc Price) Writes to Sammi Curr in Trick or Treat

00:32:56   “The Haunted House of Rock” by Whodini (from Whodini, 1983)

00:45:16   Sammi Sez No False Metal

00:46:38   The Death of Genie (Elise Richards)

00:51:38   Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) Finally Plays the Halloween Dance, Featuring “Trick or Treat” by Fastway

00:58:30   “Hold On to the Night” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat)

01:02:21   “Heft” by Fastway (from Trick or Treat)

01:04:00   Dracula: Fashion Icon

01:04:05   Guide to Black Sabbath

01:04:25   Our Witchcraft Playlist

01:04:30   Dystopian Video Game Party – Castlevania: Rondo of Blood


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