Jheri Curl June: The Egyptian Lover’s “Freak-a-Holic”

I’m going on record now to say that the Egyptian Lover‘s “Freak-a-holic” is the ultimate jheri curl track. It has everything you could possibly ask for: a thumping artificial drumbeat, whining bass line, one of the  most unconvincing synthesized horn riffs EVER, and of course a sleazy obsession with sex. In fact, the song is basically a confession from the perspective of someone suffering from sex addiction. Yet the video, in which the Egyptian Lover keeps having hallucinations of lingerie-clad women, makes it seem like he’s just really deprived. Or maybe he just has sex with a lot of imaginary women. Either way, admitting that you have a problem is always the first step, and he seeks help from a Freak-a-Holics Anonymous ad in the Yellow Pages.

Far from being helpful, however, the Freak-a-Holics Anonymous meeting seems to be a room full of triggers. Behind the cloud of smoke that greets him at the door are all the makings of a wild, freaky party: the same women from his imagination, two keyboardists and a keytar player, choreographed dancers in matching outfits… BALLOONS. I guess the old adage is correct: “Once a freak-a-holic, always a freak-a-holic.”

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