Jheri Curl June: J.M. Black’s “Lipstick (Shout!)”

For this penultimate post in Week 2 of Jheri Curl June VIbe, I thought I’d highlight another piece of International Jheri Curl. This time, our world tour takes us to France: a country with a vibrant post-disco and boogie scene documented by Born Bad Records’ excellent Chébran compilations.

One of the highlights of Chébran Volume 2 (which I reviewed last June for Spectrum Culture) is this 1984 track by J.M. Black. “Lipstick (Shout!)” actually isn’t as “international” as you might expect: as the 7″ sleeve (above) proudly proclaims, it was recorded in the boogie ground zero of New York City. But Black’s bilingual vocals–complete with a rap!–give the smooth jheri-curl groove a certain je ne sais quoi of Continental cool and sophistication. You won’t know whether to dance or smoke a cigarette and stare morosely into the distance.

Tomorrow, we’ll return to our usual domestic JCM with another post from Callie. In the meantime, check out the growing playlists below!



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