Jheri Curl June: Alicia Myers’ “Appreciation”

I have a theory that most, if not all, of the best music can be traced back to the Midwest. This is especially true of funk and R&B. In fact, if we put a dot on the map every time we inducted an artist into Jheri Curl June, the biggest clusters of dots would be in Ohio, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Alicia Myers is from Detroit, Michigan and was in the band One Way (who we previously inducted for their bouncy hit “Cutie Pie“) before going solo in 1980. She is best-known for the gospel-infused “I Want to Thank You,” a club staple, particularly in NYC. 1984’s “Appreciation” also sounds like it could be a praise song, but with an infectious synth riff, slap bass, and house music piano.

Here’s the playlist so you can appreciate the rest of this years’ Jheri Curl June songs! See you tomorrow.





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