Jheri Curl June: Slave’s “Turn You Out (In & Out)”

We’ve featured Slave before for Jheri Curl June, but their 1983 album Bad Enuff is the group at their most activated. By 1983, the sound of ’80s R&B had fully transitioned from leftover disco to what we all know and love as Jheri Curl Music, thanks to Prince’s Minneapolis sound taking off. Slave followed suit, though their sound had already changed slightly due to drummer and singer Steve Arrington leaving the group in 1982.

Although post-Arrington Slave is not nearly as formidable as their earlier releases, Bad Enuff is a solid album, proving that Slave could adapt to changing times and a changing lineup. “Turn You Out (In & Out)” is arguably one of their sexiest songs, combining one of Mark Adams’ signature below-the-belt-hitting basslines with a prissy Prince-like synth riff and breathy vocals practically lifted from a Dirty Mind outtake.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more Jheri Curl June. Spotify and YouTube playlists are below:





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  1. gwen mattison Avatar
    gwen mattison

    Thanks C! Another band from the Land of Funk Dayton Ohio…and you know Mark Adams was one of the all time badddest bass players. Peace and love.

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