Jheri Curl June: Slave’s “OOOHH”

We’ve already covered Slave not once, but twice in the seven years that we’ve been celebrating Jheri Curl June here at Dystopian Dance Party: First in 2015, with 1980’s “Watching You”; and then in 2017, with 1983’s “Turn You Out (In & Out).” But, Slave is my absolute favorite and they have bangers for days, so I’ll talk about them every year if I feel like it.

Despite being a huge Slave fan, I had never bothered to listen to 1984’s New Plateau until a few years ago when I was watching old clips of The Scene and came across an episode in which there was a dance line to “OOOHH.” Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find the clip again (and I highly suspect it either got removed from YouTube or had the music stripped from it due to copyright issues), but it got so hype during the part that goes “I’d love to see you party with me tonight / together we can make our own scene tonight / Ooohh.” Making our own scene! ON THE SCENE! The excitement in the room was palpable and infectious and I immediately found the song and listened to it 15 times in a row. Talk about a groove that you will remember.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another classic JCM cut; in the meantime, check out the increasingly funky playlists below.





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