Jheri Curl June: Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”

Ladies’ Week continues with “Juicy Fruit,” another jheri-ballad from 1982 by Mtume. The band is named for its founder and lead songwriter, former Miles Davis percussionist James “Mtume” Forman; but the voice you hear front and center in “Juicy Fruit,” as well as the band’s other hits, is female co-vocalist Tawatha Agee. And it’s the interplay between Mtume’s lush arrangement and Agee’s sensual vocals that make this possibly the sexiest jheri-curl song ever. When Agee sighs “I like it” at the beginning of the song, you know the juicy fruit she’s talking about ain’t made by Wrigley.

The video above knows it too, with all those softcore closeups of a full-lipped brunette eating oranges while Mtume creepily looks on. And speaking of juicy, check out the jheri curl on keyboard player Philip Field…now that’s sexy.

You know the drill: Spotify playlist after the jump, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more woman-powered jheri curl.


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