Jheri Curl June: Chromeo’s “Sexy Socialite”

Welp, our seat-of-our-pants M.O. finally caught up with us yesterday when I just straight-up forgot to write a post… whoops. But before I flagrantly shirked my duties as Jheri Curl June co-curator, I had planned to highlight a song by long-running French Canadian J.C.M. revivalist duo Chromeo.

I got into Chromeo sometime between the release of their 2004 debut album She’s in Control and 2007 followup Fancy Footwork. Since then, I’ve dipped in and out of engagement as the effectiveness of their schtick has waxed and waned for me (in brief: loved the first two albums, was lukewarm on 2010’s Business Casual, back on board for 2014’s White Women, was underwhelmed again by 2018’s Head Over Heels, and haven’t heard much after that). To be honest, I think She’s in Control is always going to be my favorite; their newer stuff (by which I mean everything more than a decade into the current century) is just a little too slick for my tastes. But today I’m giving the nod to “Sexy Socialite” from White Women because, what can I say, I’m a sucker for a good Time reference (if you know, you know). It also doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the album’s hardest grooves, and I enjoy how guest vocalist “Ozzie” shows up as the titular “Sexy Socialite” to speak for herself and problematize the song’s essentializing themes. Gosh, it’s almost like singer Dave 1 was a literature professor (fun fact, he was)!

We’ll be back later today (probably) with one more post for Jheri Curl June 2023. In the meantime, you know what to do:





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