Jheri Curl June: Pink Rhythm’s “Melodies of Love”

We’ve been making an effort to include some international Jheri Jams this year, from the Japanese City Pop of Hitomi Tohyama’s “Wanna Kiss to the French post-disco groove of J.M. Black’s “Lipstick (Shout!).” Today, we’re showcasing the Brit-funk cult classic, “Melodies of Love” by Pink Rhythm.

From the twinkling, dramatic synth opening to the throbbing bassline and dripping Moog solo, this song is soaked with jheri juice. I imagine it playing over a montage of extreme closeups of Jheri curls being seductively played with in a room full of mirrors and purple strobe lights. Don’t kink shame.

We have one more day of Jheri Curl June coming up tomorrow! Meanwhile, check out the YouTube and Spotify playlists below.



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