Jheri Curl June: Exposé’s “Point of No Return”

Formed by Miami D.J. Lewis Martinée, Exposé originally released their first single, “Point of No Return,” in 1984. However, during the recording of their debut album, Exposure, the group’s lineup completely changed. Thus, “Point of No Return” was re-recorded and re-released in 1987.

Although Exposé exemplified Miami freestyle, “Point of No Return” stands out as particularly Jheri Curl–most likely because it was initially recorded at the pinnacle of Jheri Curl Music. It’s a fascinating example of the connections between two important strains of mid-’80s dance music.

And with that, this year’s Jheri Curl June Ladies’ Week is over–but there’s still one more week of festivities to go! In the meantime, playlists are below.





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