Our New Sister Site: dance / music / sex / romance

Just a brief interruption of the Jheri Curl June festivities to note that I’ve launched a new sister site for Dystopian Dance Party on its own domain (princesongs.org). The blog is called dance / music / sex / romance, and is a chronological, song-by-song exploration of the music of Prince: sort of like a much, much bigger version of the Kanye West Oeuvre series, or a more inept version of Chris O’Leary’s chronological David Bowie blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame. I’ll probably occasionally cross-promote Dystopian Dance Party on d / m / s / r and vice versa, but you can also see the latest d / m / s / r posts on the little RSS feed widget toward the bottom of the D.D.P. sidebar. I’ll be updating two times a week or so, hopefully, until the blog is finished or I die, whichever comes first.

Here’s the first post to whet your appetite. Enjoy.

Funk Machine: Prehistory, 1963-1968






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