Jheri Curl June: Midnight Star’s “No Parking on the Dance Floor”

Today’s Jheri Curl June entry is the title track from Midnight Star’s 1983 album No Parking on the Dance Floor. It has all the necessary ingredients of a classic jheri-curl track: a squealing synth line, bass that pops like crazy, and a camp-as-hell introduction that threatens, “if you don’t get a move on that body, I’ll be forced to give you a ticket–so get…WITH IT!” Plus, impossible as it might sound, the video is even better:

It’s one of those great ’80s videos that take the concept of the song and make it blissfully, absurdly literal. So a traffic jam turns into an impromptu dance party, with the nine members of Midnight Star–whose own spectrum of jheri-curl lengths and shapes is right up there with that of Jesse Johnson’s Revue–serving as funky pied pipers, leading frustrated drivers to step out of their cars and join the fun. Then, at 1:35…is that…is that Prince? Well, no, of course not, though they sure took pains to make it look that way. But this is one party that doesn’t even need a random breakdancing Prince-alike to make it awesome. Midnight Star, I’ll get stuck in traffic with you any time.

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