Jheri Curl June: Krystol’s “Passion from a Woman”

We enter our annual Ladies’ Week with exactly what this year’s Jheri Curl June needs: some Passion from a Woman. Krystol is one of those groups that, despite having plenty of talent and hitmaking potential, never achieved widespread fame. Their first two albums failed to gain much commercial success, despite being chock full of bangers that are no less catchy than any of Madonna’s output, and certainly better sung. Finally, after suffering from personnel changes due to a birth and a death respectively, the now-three woman group began to achieve more success and exposure. “Passion from a Woman,” from the 1986 album of the same title, made it into the R&B Top 30.

Unfortunately, Krystol still suffered from a lack of promotion, and were ultimately dropped from their label. But they undeniably paved the way for R&B girl groups of the late ’80s and ’90s–including Jheri Curl June Veterans Exposé.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more female-fronted Jheri Curl Music. Spotify and YouTube playlists below!






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