Jheri Curl June: Ian Isiah’s “Princess Pouty”

Our final song for Jheri Curl June 2K23 ties together all of our themes from this year. Brooklyn-born Ian Isiah grew up singing in gospel groups; he has collaborated with Blood Orange, and also supported him on tour; and this track, 2020’s “Princess Pouty,” was produced by Chromeo.

If Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough” was the more understated funk of early J.C.M., than this song is what I was referring to when I wrote about “big glossy synthesized horns and harder beats.” As an exemplar of Jheri Curl Music, “Princess Pouty” is in the same category as the funky maximalism of Midnight Star’s 1986 album Headlines.

So that’s it; another Jheri Curl June in the rearview mirror. I know we haven’t been overly consistent these last few years, but next June is JCJ’s aluminum anniversary (yes, I just looked that up), so that pretty much obligates us to do something special. We’ll see you then; in the meantime, enjoy the playlists!





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