Jheri Curl June: Circle City Band’s “Magic”

This is gonna be a short post because I can barely find a damn thing about this group except for the fact that they are a “Mid-80s Boogie-funk Band from Indiana,” according to Discogs, and that they were founded and coproduced by a man named Stanlee Paul whose real name is, get this, Paul Stanlee Thomas (not to be confused with Paul Stanley.)

Circle City Band only had three singles spanning from 1983-1985 until 2012, when Luv N’ Haight put out an album including remastered versions of their singles and previously unreleased tracks. Thank God they did, because 1983’s “Magic” is one of the funkiest deep tracks I’ve found, with zapping synthesizers and rumbling drums that could only originate in the bowels of the Midwest.

Hear the magic of Jheri Curl Music on our playlists here:





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