Jheri Curl June: Bonnie Pointer’s “If the Price Is Right”

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Bonnie Pointer had departed the Pointer Sisters for a solo career in the late ’70s. Her third album, 1984’s If the Price Is Right, still has remnants of the disco sound of her former musical output, but soaked with Jheri Curl juice. Even the album cover features a glossy image of Bonnie in a Vanity 6-esque teddy.

Sadly, Bonnie Pointer passed away last year, on June 8, 2020; but because we postponed Jheri Curl June that year, we are honoring her with a posthumous induction into a year late. Rest in peace, Bonnie Pointer!

Remember to check out the Spotify and YouTube playlists below. We’ll be back tomorrow with another day of Jheri Curl June Ladies’ Week!






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