Coming Soon: Headbangers Book Club

We promised some exciting new stuff on the horizon, and here it is: We’re launching a new podcast! For those who have been listening for a while, the format should be very familiar–it’s an extension of our ever-popular Book Club podcasts, but with some tweaks to the format that we think will make things more interesting. We’ll be cross-posting on the DDP podcast feed for the foreseeable future, but please do give the new Headbangers Book Club a follow:

Headbangers Book Club
Headbangers Book Club
Headbangers Book Club

Zach and Callie of Dystopian Dance Party make fun of hard rock history, one trashy paperback at a time.

Also, check us out on Twitter and Instagram! We just launched and we’re lonely. That’s all for now–we’ll be back in just a couple of weeks with the inaugural Headbangers Book Club episode on Stephen DavisHammer of the Gods and Richard Cole‘s Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored!


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