Month: March 2017

  • From the Vault: Interview with Beth Ditto of the Gossip, 2006

    Editor’s Note: Back in my past life as an extraordinarily small-time freelance music writer (as opposed to whatever the fuck I am now), I had the opportunity to interview Beth Ditto of the Gossip for this article in my local “alternative” weekly, the Lansing, Michigan City Pulse. The interview was, to be honest, the main reason why I […]

  • Women’s History Month: Trina’s “Da Baddest Bitch”

    First and foremost, I love Trina. Trina is my shit. She’s a bossy, nasty, fellow Sagittarius woman who is obsessed with her own ass: sounds like a role model to me. In high school I was constantly listening to “Look Back At Me,” and for better or worse, the confrontational line “yeah you runnin’ now, you […]

  • Women’s History Month: Wanda Jackson’s “Hard Headed Woman”

    Wanda Lavonne Jackson was not the first woman to sing rock and roll music; but she very likely was the first white woman to release a rock and roll single, and that was an achievement in and of itself. One barely needs to scratch the surface of 1950s moral panic to recognize that the “danger” of rock and […]

  • Women’s History Month: Grimes’ “Venus Fly” (featuring Janelle Monáe)

    We begin women’s month with Canadian producer Claire Boucher, the singer, songwriter, and visual artist (among other things) better known as Grimes. As a self-made songwriter and musician, Grimes is especially notable for her unrelenting do-it-yourself work ethic, which allows her to be in complete control of every aspect of her work: from the creation […]