12 Months of Mike Month 1: Wayne’s World (1992)

Our year-long deep dive on the cinematic oeuvre of Mike Myers officially kicks off with Wayne’s World, and it’s arguably all downhill from here. Join us for some genuine gushing about one of our all-time favorite movies (even though we’re both in agreement that Mike may actually be the worst part). Remember to leave your comments about Wayne’s World, Mike’s pre-film career, or next month’s So I Married an Axe Murderer–we’re collecting feedback to read in the next episode!

00:00:00 Wayne Gets in the Mirthmobile in Wayne’s World

00:02:53 What We Do Whenever We Have a Ticket to Something

00:10:08 Wayne’s Run-In with the T-1000 (Soundtracked by Dio-Era Black Sabbath)

00:11:46 The Channel-Surfing Credits Sequence from Wayne’s World

00:12:29 The Ringer: Wayne’s World Kicked Off a Comedy Renaissance

00:13:09 “Party On, Be Excellent, and Be Ignorant: Depictions of Masculinity in the Idiotic Duo Film Genre” by Michelle Y. Janning

00:19:15 The Street Hockey Scene in Wayne’s World

00:24:07 Vulture: Is Wayne’s World Still Excellent 25 Years Later?

00:24:45 Cassandra (and Garth) Put Wayne in His Place


00:27:00 The “Camera 1/Camera 2” Scene

00:27:30 Lara Flynn Boyle’s “Psycho Hose Beast” Stacy

00:28:55 Cassandra Sympathizes with Stacy

00:29:05 Stacy’s Second Pratfall

00:30:25 Penelope Spheeris on Mike Myers’ On-Set Behavior

00:31:18 Dana Carvey’s Grievances with Mike Myers

00:33:00 Roger Ebert’s Review of Wayne’s World

00:35:53 Our Podcast on Mike Myers’ (and Our Dad’s) Fellow Toronto Maple Leaves Fan, David Lee Roth

00:36:26 “Bill and Ted Aren’t Stoners Insists Keanu Reeves”

00:39:28 The Interview Zach is Referencing

00:41:35 The Gasworks: Apparently a Typical Suburban Illinois Club

00:42:05 The Even Cooler Club in Wayne’s World 2

00:42:20 Cassandra’s Totally Normal Suburban Illinois Loft

00:42:53 We Would 100% Hang Out at Mikita’s Donuts

00:44:46 Wayne’s Coveted White Guitar: A Subtle Purple Rain Reference?

00:55:38 Wayne and Garth’s Weird Relationship with the Local Police


01:03:25 A Great (Albeit Mikeless) Scene

01:04:23 The Product Placement Scene

01:07:45 The “Fake” Wayne’s World Theme Song

01:11:55 Garth Reveals His Heretofore Unknown Technical Expertise

01:12:10 The Twizzler (Technically Red Rope Liquorice) Dispenser, and the Aforementioned Laverne & Shirley Parody

01:15:25 Mike’s Rapid-Fire Series of Catch Phrases

01:22:50 “Wayne’s World Theme (Extended Version)” by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey (from Wayne’s World: Music from the Motion Picture, 1992)


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